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Glow and Go Express Facial $85

Our Glow and Go Express facials is the perfect add-on to any existing service or simply on its own.Our express facial is great for the woman on the go! Our treatment consists of double cleansing the skin, enzyme mask to slough away dead skin cells, high frequency treatment to combat any bacteria or inflammation. Ending your service with a customized jelly mask to leave your skin hydrated and radiant. *Makeup can be worn same day (NO EXTRACTIONS PERFORMED)

Customized Clinical Facial $135

Our Customized Clinical Facial is customized to each individual client's concerns.

Our treatment consist of double cleansing the skin, enzyme mask to slough away 

dead skin cells, a high frequency treatment to combat any bacteria or inflammation

of the skin, followed with gentle extractions to unclog congested skin and ending with a customized jelly mask to leave your skin silky smooth and hydrated. 

Facial Dermaplanning $65

Dermalplanning is an exfoliating facial treatment. Using a gentle medical grade blade, the layers of rough, dull and damaged skin are manually removed instantly. In the process, unwanted facial hair that sits above the epidermis is removed as well, preventing it from growing back in thicker. Dermaplanning also allows for deeper penetration of facial products and instant smoother and flawless makeup application. 

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